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New Terrain Opening 1/18


Mother Nature is extremely humbling when you realize that the weather is completely out of your control. Well, except for snow dances, burning skis and stacking pennies in the window sill – those are totally valid methods to make it snow.

Every season starts with a clean slate and you never know what you’re going to get. We all hope for endless powder days. Sometimes they come in early season and sometimes they don’t. One thing is for sure though, Heavenly is a blast no matter what.

This year we’ve added a DJ Snowcat , expanded the Unbuckle Après Party outdoors, thrown a week long holiday celebration and lined up events for the spring including a free concert and a bigger than ever High Roller Hold ‘Em.

While we wait for Mother Nature to bring the next epic snowfall, we’re making as much snow as we can. Thanks to the hard work of our staff and the west coast’s largest snowmaking system we’ll be opening new terrain this weekend.

This Saturday we’ll be opening Boulder Lodge. Along with Stagecoach, the Gondola, and the California Lodge you’ll now have access to the mountain from all four of our base locations. At Boulder, we’ll be opening the Boulder Lift and Boulder Bowl run.

On the California side of the mountain we’ll be opening Groove run for ski-thru. Groove will have a jib line featuring seven small rails and boxes on the left hand side of the trail. We’ll also be opening EpicMix Racing located on the lower Ridge Run.

Enjoy the new terrain and keep up your snow dances.


-Jesse Plate

Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly

4 Responses to “New Terrain Opening 1/18”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Nice work Heavenly! Continuing to open terrain without Mother Nature! I want to check out outside Unbuckle and the new DJ Snowcat too.

  2. Jesse Plate Says:

    Thanks Ashley. The DJ cat will be up at Tamarack today and tomorrow before Unbuckle, it’s definitely worth checking out. We’ll keep working on opening new terrain until Mother Nature decides it’s time for the first massive snow of 2014.

  3. guest Says:

    just curious, you didn’t mention the US Freestyle Championships. Did that get cancelled?

  4. Jesse Plate Says:

    Hey There- No cancellation. The US Freestyle Championship will be happening here at Heavenly March 28-30th. Should be an amazing weekend: http://www.skiheavenly.com/nightlife-and-activities/events/ussa-freestyle.aspx