Heavenly is Open!


Today is the day- Heavenly is officially open for the 2013-14 season.

Since the first pre-season storm in Tahoe, we turned our daydreaming eyes away from the lake and up the snowy mountain. After 8″ of snow and great snowmaking conditions this week, the wind settled down and the Gondola started running at 9AM this morning.

During our Opening Week Giveaway we asked how all of you have been getting ready for the season. You told us that you bought new skis (or waxed old ones) booked flights + lodging, signed up for EpicMix, saved up PTO at work, checked the farmer’s almanac or weather reports, split firewood, prayed for snow, grew beards, and hit the gym for “lots and lots of squats.”

We read every entry to the contest and are proud of how passionate our community is about their well being. It seems like all of you took your preparation for the season very seriously and will be coming here healthier than ever. It made us smile to get shout outs from Australia, Great Britain and all over the US.  Here are two of our favorite entries:

Blue K- 7 am weather report off to work. 6 pm martini with Tahoe blue vodka. 6:30 call friends complain about no snow in weather report. 7 pm do snow dance. 8 pm look at trail maps online. 9 pm consider watching hot tub time machine for 22nd time. 11 pm last minute weather report, put on old heavenly t-shirt my wife wishes I would just toss out and go to bed. Decide wearing snow goggles to bed is not a good idea. Dream of  powder!

Mike G- Power squats. Loads of power squats in the ice freezer at 7-11, then being dragged out of 7-11 by the police. Training is a tough mistress 🙁

Today I’m particularly proud to call Tahoe home and be part of team Heavenly. Opening day is special.  Everyone is smiling. I made some friends on the Tamarack chair. Thoughts of anything but skiing and riding can be put on hold. 

Tomorrow, 11/24, is your last chance to buy a season pass. We’re open here at Heavenly. Northstar is open. Kirkwood will be open on Monday. Check out the Tahoe passes as well as the Epic Pass- the best value season pass deal in the industry- here before it’s too late.

Cheers to tons of snow, safe riding, and an all around amazing winter! I hope to see you on the slopes or at Unbuckle very soon.

Jesse Plate

Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly



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