The Autumn Effect – Luke Scott

Photo: Scott Thompson

Photo: Scott Thompson

In order to share my thoughts about winter, I’ve decided to share an email I sent to my good friend John, also known as Jack. Before sharing the aforementioned email with the readers of this blog, however, I feel the need to clear the air:

I know that many of you are probably acquainted with Jack, and if you haven’t been, I am aware that his reputation precedes him. Hopefully you have met Jack under positive circumstances, and if not, I am asking that you find it in yourself to leave that in the past. Some people find him frigid and unforgiving, but I’m asking you to give him a break. I mean, any of us would probably have the same reputation if we disappeared for half a year without answering any texts… but Jack is a busy guy!

If he’s given you the cold shoulder, I wouldn’t take it personally. And yes, he’ll be back in town before you know it, leaving a mess most places he goes… and running unsuspecting drivers off the road. But don’t worry, his charm and “all in” attitude will surely outweigh those drawbacks. You have to admit, when my buddy Jack Frost throws a powder party, everyone is there… on the mountain! I, for one, will not be shy about rescheduling my commitments (even waking up early) when I know he’s working his magic on the slopes.

With that aside, here’s a recent email I wrote to Jack Frost, looking forward to this winter season.
Beginning of Message:

Date: 10/23/2013
From: Luke Scott
To: John Frost
Subject: Long Time, No Ski


How’s it going man? I haven’t heard from you all summer, but that’s how it always goes with you… Anyway, it’s been too long; let’s CHILL!

I can tell from Facebook that you’ve been pretty busy. Where were you? South America? It looks like you had a blast. I heard you’ll be working as a snowmaker again when you get back to Heavenly. It’s going to be cool.

Lately I’ve been taking time to think about what winter means to me. I realized that some of my best memories have been shredding it on the mountain with you and the gang. It’s what makes winter so sweet. Winter means connecting with friends, new and old, on the slopes. I’ve noticed a unifying sense of purpose when I’m on the mountain; everyone is there to ski hard and have fun! It’s this shared mission that gives everyone on the slopes something in common, no matter their background or their life outside of ski or snowboard boots.

Freshly fallen snow gives every skier and boarder a chance to leave their daily stresses behind and be a part of this special phenomenon. Skiing can be an independent experience, but even so, I don’t think there’s any escaping the community that exists here from the moment you set foot in the lift line. To me, it’s all part of the adventure; you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn about your friends during a day on the mountain.

Of my wintertime pals I’d say I gel with you better than anyone else, Jack. I can’t wait to tear up the fresh powder with you soon. Maybe this will be the year I finally beat your EpicMix numbers! I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast, and I’ll be ready when you’re back in Tahoe!

Everyone is wondering: are you skiing or boarding this year?



End of Message.

– Luke Scott, Human Resources

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