100 days until first chair…

ski heavenly

There are 100 days until Heavenly opens for the 2013-14 ski season. 100. Let the countdown begin!

Momentum for winter is beginning to build – product gear reviews in all the magazines are going to start coming out, along with the ski/snowboard movie trailers. Friends are going to start placing bets on when the first snowfall of the year will be. Such anticipation!

100 days is a reminder to me that I’ve got to get some stuff in order before November 22 arrives.

1. Get in shape – no one wants to be huffing and puffing so much on opening day with your thighs screaming at you that you can’t even last two runs on Big Dipper. While I’m somewhat in shape thanks to Tahoe’s outdoor resources, my focus should shift to: leg strength, core and cardio recovery.

2. Eat healthier – to make this last through the fall and into the winter, start stock-piling at the local farmer’s market and freezing those fruits and veggies…or canning them, if you know how, which I don’t but that’s a good learning project.

3. Buy new ski gloves – the Heavenly Sports Annual Labor Day Tent Sale is ideal for this or for any new gear you need (or just really want)…take inventory now so you can have a game-plan going into the weekend.

4. Purchase your season pass – the current prices are only guaranteed through September 2, so don’t put this off any longer!

5. Make the rest of the summer – summer is still in full swing in Tahoe and the fall is peeking around the corner. Take one final, epic road trip! Embrace the warm, pleasant weather and say goodbye as we begin to welcome winter in the next 100 days.

6. Get pumped up! – Nothing like watching last year’s season recap to get you in the mood to shred.

That’s just a few of the things on my must-do list to prepare for the season. What are yours?


~ Sally Gunter



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