The Best Season Pass in the Galaxy…

Heavenly Season Pass

Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood make up some of the best terrain in North America. And we think that the best resorts should have the best season pass. Hopefully, you’ve already bought a season pass in years past and know the unbelievable benefits of becoming a Heavenly season pass holder. If you’re new to the game, or need a refresher, I’ve rounded up some of the top reasons to buy your Heavenly season pass now.

1. $49 down gets you the lowest price guaranteed.
Lock in the best price now and save your extra cash for cool new gear.
2. Pays for itself in less than four days.
And you know you’ll want to ski/ride more than four days.
3. Access to 10,000 skiable acres in beautiful Lake Tahoe.
From the deep and steeps of Kirkwood to the unbeatable glades of Heavenly to the impeccably groomed trails of Northstar, we’ve got you covered.
4. Ski with more friends.
Buy your pass buy April 14 and get six buddy tickets for your friends who didn’t get their act together.
5. 5,200 minutes of Heavenly Angels dancing at Unbuckle.
Don’t miss a second of it.
6. 85,000 free s ‘mores.
Just make sure your end of season vertical feet count is greater than your s ‘mores eaten count.
7. 16 avalanche rescue dogs.
That’s approximately 1,298,875,980 smiles that could be occurred in a season.
8. 25 on-mountain restuarants to order a Mountain Mary.
Have you tried them all?

As a bonus, you can’t forget about season pass perks! Like the pass holder tent at last weekend’s High Roller Hold ‘Em – premium view, free tacos and beer. Sign me up.

Get yours now!

~ Rachel Roberts



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