Burgers, Drinks and Sky Deck


Scrumptious, delicious and mouth watering are three words I could use to sum up the Extreme Burger Bar at Sky Deck. Who would have thought that there were so many delicious burger and food options at a ski resort, half way up a mountain at 8,548′ elevation? Well it was there, right next to Sky Express and I was more than happy to find it.


My roommate Hayley and I were riding around the mountain Saturday and we decided to stop in to Sky Deck for lunch. Lo and Behold, it was a mecca for sun tanning, eating and drinking and all right next to the Sky Express lift. There was a large deck lined with international and American flags, numerous picnic tables, Adirondack chairs facing the sun (great for resting and sunbathing – see below), a full bar equipped with bar stools, a massive outside grill and  three additional take-out windows.


Since two girls can only eat so much, we decided to head to the Extreme Burger Bar section and grab buffalo, salmon and elk burgers to split and taste-test. I had never eaten elk before, but it was delicious. I was surprised that it had such a sweet taste to it, and the bun was so fresh and buttery delightful. The Salmon was also fresh, and the buffalo was cooked just right. We were quick to spread on the sauces that came with each burger including the Epic Sauce that was in fact epic. Other options included lamb, turkey, black bean veggie, chicken sandwiches, tri tip kabobs, veggie kabobs and shrimp kabobs. The take out windows were serving pizzas with the usual pepperoni, cheese and veggie toppings along with warm pretzels, soup, chili and side salads.


Once we had stuffed ourselves with food it was time to try out Sky Deck’s specialty drinks (just for this review of course.) There were a lot of temptations like Heavenly’s Mountain Mary, Ridge Run Rumple, Sky Deck Margarita and Liz’s Long Island Swing, but we went with the Canyon Coolers. The Canyon Coolers were perfect for a nice sunny day on the deck; a sweet mixture of fruit juices with cherrys, oranges and limes trimming the outside of the cup. This is about the time that someone got shrimp kabobs and my mouth started watering again and then the Mountain Mary’s came out, and in generous proportions I might add. If you would rather drink from the tap, then there are plenty of beer options too.

drinks shrimpkabob

Now let’s not forget what we came here for; the skiing and riding. It is easy to get caught up and enjoy yourself at Sky deck with the friendly staff, other happy and talkative customers, delicious food and the diverse selection of drinks. I love this spot and I will definitely be filling those Adirondack chairs with myself and my friends, plenty more times this season.

See you out there!

~Ashley, Snow Reporter, Part-time burger taste-tester



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