Why now is the best time to take a lesson

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It’s no secret that Mother Nature has been less than generous with snowfall so far this season.  That being said, the skiing and riding is good at Heavenly.  We do not yet have conditions like tree skiing, and off-piste conditions to folic in, but skiing is good nonetheless.  Now is the perfect time to take lessons and work on the basics of your “game” before the entire mountain opens.

It is akin to going to the driving range and working on the basics of your golf swing before you throw your bag in the back of the cart and set out for 18 holes.  Taking a lesson now, in this relataively controlled, groomed environment (similar to the golfing range or doing drills with your tennis coach).  With proper coaching you can develop your skills so that when you are playing the “whole game” you’ll be best prepared to technically, tactically, and psychologically shine.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a great time to take lessons NOW.

1. Take advantage of working on the basics on basic terrain, i.e. spend time on the “driving” range of the ski resort.

2. The slopes are not too crowded – Not everyone is in on the “secret!”

3. Guests can get so much more out of their mountain experience when accompanied by an experienced instructor.

4. Skills that we need for expert terrain are developed on easier terrain and then later applied in a more challenging environment.

5. Typically if you have difficuly skiing powder,  bumps, etc., it is not that the conditions themselves create problems for you.  Rather it is that there is a deficiency in your movement patterns that is highlighted when you are skiing the more challenging conditions.  An instructor can detect that deficiency on the easiest of slopes and work with you to change to a more effective movement pattern.

6. You have goals for your own skiing.  Sharing them with the right coach and letting him or her set you on the path for accomplishing those goals is the key.

7. We all know that the better we are at something, the more we enjoy it!

Snow is on the way, but right now you can really spend some quality time building your repertoire on the hill.  Book a lesson and you’ll finish the day more confident, skiing better, and with a solid focus for your season on the mountain.

~ Robin Barnes, Heavenly Ski and Ride School



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