For the Love of Snow… and Travis Rice

Dear Mr. Rice,

I am writing to appeal to your sense of adventure, which you so clearly possess, requesting you to go out on a very long limb and take a chance being my date to a movie premiere.

This may seem strange and out of sorts, or perhaps it’s just another moment-in-the-stalked-life of Sir Travis Rice, Snowboard King. But, please, do let me explain.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic kick-off film for the 2011/12 winter season: The Art of Flight at Mont Bleu Casino. You, Travis (may I call you Travis?), in conjunction with Red Bull Media House, Quicksilver, and Brain Farm Media jettisoned far beyond the confines of traditional snow flick fodder and captured the spirits of skiers and riders with stunning, ground-breaking cinematography, exciting locations, and day-in-the-life antics that would frighten even the most fearless bored man. 

I was primed and prepared for winter after leaving your film. Though I’d barely noticed you giving interviews with our local Outside TV host, Dreu Murin , prior to the screening, something magical happened inside the theatre that added a glow to your already electric persona. As I watched you and your fellow shredders slay the steeps of Alaska and Chile, a feeling began to resurface that hits me at this time every single year: A deep burning desire to go BIG. Not just big, HUGE. Epic! I WILL etch lines down those very same mountains one day, Travis, mark my words!

And so, when I saw you there, signing posters for grandmas and beer pitchers for hooligans, I knew I had to give up my normal resistance to bothering celebrities and I lined up for a photo op. You, Sir, live the big life I hope for every day I strap into my snowboard. I was absolutely glowing with the hope and joy that comes from living this awesome mountain life; I’m sure you could see it all over my face. It wasn’t normal star-struck-ism you were seeing, Trav (may I call you Trav?), it was a sense that my love of snow and adventure could match yours and RAISE IT! In that moment, I was your equal in the love of shred.

Megan and 'Trav'

Megan and 'Trav'


Megan with John Jackson

Megan with John Jackson

I attended the screening of One for the Road from Teton Gravity Research this weekend and again found myself immersed in a room where the walls dripped with enthusiasm and anticipation. The nights here in Tahoe are getting crisp, dropping into the 30’s, and every other day or so is spotted with looming grey clouds. Fall is not only official on the calendar, it’s palpable in the air. It’s a great time to attend a film like the upcoming Warren Miller premiere at Mont Bleu  to get amped for the season.

If you can’t do Warren Miller, that’s cool. Here is a list of some other films that will undoubtedly raise the stoke level near Tahoe!

10-8-11 Matchstick Productions’ latest, Attack of La Niña, @ Mont Bleu

10-21-11 Forum Snowboard’s Vacation in Reno, NV – The Freight House District

10-29-11 Absinthe Film’s Twe12ve at the 50/50 Brewery in Truckee

12-09-11 Standard Film’s TB20 in Carson City

If I don’t see you soon, or ever again, have a million huge seasons and please continue to inspire us all to be brave, dedicated, and down with the cause!

For the love of all things snow (that includes you, Mr. Rice),

Megan Hammitt – Snow Reporter



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