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Have You Hugged a Terrain Park Crew Member Lately?

All winter Mother Nature is the star of Heavenly as she blows soft flakes of powder all over our mountain. Then, when she takes a rest, it’s our world-class grooming fleet that gets to shine as they put all that snow to work. But when Spring arrives and the sun is shining, there’s another crew […]

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We’re All Lovin’ Spring at Heavenly

0 I may not be the cheeriest person in the world (**cough**), but there’s something about Spring that really gets me going! Besides the sunshine, fun snow conditions, and days full of terrain park laps, I’m going to suggest that perhaps it’s simply the vibe! Heavenly is famous for its Spring snow conditions, but it’s […]

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SpringLoaded 2011 Event Lineup

It’s hard to imagine that a couple of weeks ago the big news was all about the record snowfall year we’re having here at Heavenly! But more than 500 inches of snow just means more snow coverage and more terrain to enjoy in the beautiful Spring weather! Spring is what Tahoe is truly famous for […]

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Joanna Dzierzawski Shreds in Groove Park

Heavenly’s only female High Roller Team member, Joanna Dzierzawski, started the season with an injury, but came back stronger than ever and with a renewed passion for snowboarding! When I asked her what it’s like to hold her own as one of the few women in the terrain park scene, she told me that it’s […]

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Heavenly is Cocked and Ready: We’re SpringLoaded!

Birds and bees and flowers and trees are buzzing away because there are only 2 more days until Spring!  Never mind the fact that there is still an ample base of snow on the ground that would put most winters to shame and a forecast of up to more than 5 or 6 feet of […]

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