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Summer Tubing Opens

Hey, gang. We’re really excited to announce that summer tubing is open. This has not been without its challenges. We had that one day of spring back in mid-June and then summer finally decided to show up, but it’s taken awhile for the snow to melt. It finally has, we were able to put downRead More

Farewell, Friends, Another Season for the Books…

Dearest Winter Friends, When I think of the 2010-2011 Ski/Ride season, a song from 6th grade camp comes to mind. It goes like this: “It’s so nice to be here with people I like; so nice to hear them all say…that it’s so nice to be here with people I like, with them to shareRead More

SpringLoaded Hasn’t Wound Down Yet!

From the Gunbarrel 25, to Cold War Kids, to the Stateline Showdown, SpringLoaded has been going off with a bang! But don’t worry if you just got here… it ain’t over till the last Pond Skimmer skims! This Saturday is going to be crazy with all the final events of SpringLoaded…here’s what’s on the roster:Read More

Heavenly Employees Are People, Too!

It’s hard to be a grump when your work day consists of ride breaks and Tahoe sunshine! That’s why Heavenly employees are known for their hospitality and guest service. It’s really a simple recipe… when you live what you love, your happiness cup runneth over! I have been so inspired the last four seasons I’veRead More

Have You Hugged a Terrain Park Crew Member Lately?

All winter Mother Nature is the star of Heavenly as she blows soft flakes of powder all over our mountain. Then, when she takes a rest, it’s our world-class grooming fleet that gets to shine as they put all that snow to work. But when Spring arrives and the sun is shining, there’s another crewRead More