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Heavenly Season Pass Holder Discounts

At Heavenly Ski & Ride School we believe that most skiing and riding related things are hard, and our job is to make them less hard. We also believe that fun isn’t everything. But, it’s most things. We believe in hiring coaches who’re teachers and not just really awesome skiers and riders, although they tend […]

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10 Reasons Why Ski School is Good For Kids

Ski School is amazing for your kids… and you. Here are some reasons I have found from parents over the years: 10.  We teach them to stand up on their own when they wipe out. It’s a lot easier for kids to learn from someone they don’t know, than to learn from someone who they may […]

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How to Warm Up Your Muscles for Skiing and Riding

We pull our skis out of the car or locker and heave them onto our shoulders and off to the first chair we go.  Right there, with the delightful anticipation of wind in our faces, we have potentially opened ourselves up to risk of injury.  When our muscles are cold and we’re doing a rather […]

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Learn to Ski and Ride Month is Here!

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is Here! Take advantage of special deals for beginners and win prizes with the Bring a Friend Campaign.    Heavenly is offering special programs for adults who want to learn to ski or snowboard. You can either take two days of lessons and receive the third lesson free or take one […]

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Skier Nutrition – Before, During and After the Slopes

As a ski teacher, it’s so exciting to see students make strides in their skiing and get pumped about the progress.  However, I’ve seen more than one student compromise his day because he simply didn’t have the energy to do what he wanted to do — like ski a run top to bottom, ski through […]

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