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Top Reasons to Take a Lake Tahoe Boat Cruise

Lake Tahoe during the summer is absolutely magnificent – hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking. So many active activities that sometimes, you just need to relax, say aboard a boat, cruising Lake Tahoe’s pristine waters. Here are some of my top reasons to take a Lake Tahoe boat cruise. 1. Soak in the sun: The summer […]

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Best of Epic Mix Photos 2011/12

Epic Mix Photo and I spent our first season together at Heavenly this year and my was it fun! And while Mother Nature didn’t quiet pull through as she had in years past, this season was just as spectacular as the last. Blue bird days and the always stunning Lake Tahoe provided an unbeatable scenic […]

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Extreme Mountain Videography

One of the great things about living and working in Tahoe as a video professional is just how spectacularly photogenic my own back yard is. I am working on a video project for Heavenly that needs some unique views of the mountain…at night. Meaning I would need to spend the night alone on the mountain. […]

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Fall Color Preview in Lake Tahoe

September 23rd was the first official day of Fall.  This is my favorite season for many reasons: temperatures are cooling, ski season is getting closer and most importantly Fall colors grace us with their presence.  Plants are winterizing, just like many of us do with our houses. I was curious about how and why leaves change color […]

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Silver Rush Theme for New Nevada Trails

Yoke the oxen, load the wagons, and head for the hills! There’s a Silver Rush at Heavenly this season! After striking the vein of possibility in the Scorpion Woods, our resident miners (i.e. Mountain Ops crew) set about unearthing 3 fresh trails on the Nevada side of the mountain. We think we’ve hit the Mother Lode here, Folks! […]

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