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December 2014 Snow Reports

12/21/14-Happy Winter Solstice! Happy winter solstice South Lake Tahoe! As of 10:08 a.m. All scheduled lifts are OPEN. Currently all windholds have been lifted.  As of 9:40 a.m.  Dipper Express is running! Until further notice, Tamarack Express is still on windhold. As of 7:00 a.m.: Heavenly’s upper mountain is experiencing strong winds. Currently Tamarack Express […]

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More Skiing, Less Touble- EpicMix Guide

Have you ever finished a day of skiing or riding and realized that you missed an entire section of the mountain? It hurts my soul when this happens to me. I often find myself wondering what I’m missing elsewhere on the mountain or, if I only have a few hours, what plan would be best […]

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The Lost Art of Ski-Dates

You’re sitting on a stool at your local mountain town bar and notice a girl, two stools down, drinking a PBR tallboy. This afternoon’s snow melts off her brunette hair, dripping into a puddle next to her snowboard boots. You know you’ve seen her somewhere but can’t place it. Was she at soandso’s barbeque this […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Head to Heavenly for the Holidays

There are so many reasons to head to Heavenly for the Holidays, it’s hard to pick just 10… 1. Santa’s 16-foot Snow Globe 2. The other SnowGlobe – a three-day music festival held in the woods. 3. Skiing and snowboarding – duh. 4. Skiing and snowboarding with this view. 5. Unbuckle – apres done right […]

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Heavenly Snow Stake Cam

We are pleased to introduce to you our unofficial snow stake and snow stake camera. The snow stake is located near Sky Express at 8500′ and provides a live streaming visual to how much snow is falling at Heavenly, with each line marking an inch, all the way up to 36”. The snow stake platform is cleared […]

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