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Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Jeremy Grey: What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season? [Jeremy raises his hand] John Beckwith: Mr. Grey? Jeremy Grey: Yes. The answer would be, um, Wedding Season?   Happy Wedding Season! I feel especially excited about this year’s wedding season because 1.) two of my best friends are getting hitched this summer and […]

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It’s Almost Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe If you are planning to hang with your mom at Lake Tahoe this Sunday, then you are already winning: Mom will be sure to get all the sunshine, fresh air, and bubbling champagne that she deserves. With a forecast for sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 60’s, this […]

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Cinco de Mayo

¡Cinco de Mayo FIESTÓN! The sound of ice and tequila tinkling into your margarita glass, the taste of creamy guacamole mounded on a salty corn chip, the sight of the surrounding party half blocked by the sombrero that is slowly sliding down your forehead, unable to be fixed because your hands are full with your […]

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Summer Jobs in Lake Tahoe

Are you looking for a summer job in Lake Tahoe? Well Heavenly is upping the ante of Lake Tahoe summer activities with zip lines, ropes courses and the most scenic Gondola ride around. Come be a part of the exciting adventure. In past years, Heavenly has maintained a summer staffing level of roughly 350 employees. […]

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The thing threatening Lake Tahoe and how you can help…

There is something gradually threatening Lake Tahoe, slowly seeping into the community with the potential to destroy the basic fabric that holds this community together…Apathy. Apathy is a lack of engagement by community members and a lack of community members feeling like their voices can be heard as far as how as they want to […]

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