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The Four S’s of Lake Tahoe Beaches

Sun: Sun is usually very important when going to the beach. After having been to a fair share of beaches around the Lake, I can confidently say that the Tahoe South has the best beaches for sun. The beaches get amazing afternoon sun and the sunsets are incredible! Sand: Some might think sand is a […]

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Summer at Ski Run Marina

Drive down highway 50 during the summer and you’ll notice smiling faces heading to one of the major hubs for summer activities in Tahoe: The Ski Run Marina. The marina is a popular access point to Lake Tahoe. From here you can take a ride on the Tahoe Queen- a Mississippi paddle wheel tour boat, […]

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Lake Tahoe Water Sport Activities

The temps are heating up in Lake Tahoe and it’s time to get on the water! While it may still be a little chilly for most to brave a dip in the lake, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors this weekend. Paddleboard Paddleboarding is one up-and-coming trend I support. To some […]

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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere!

It’s time for spring cleaning, and the Barney & Friends classic 1993 jam “Clean Up” may be the perfect choice while you are raking the yard and cleaning out the attic. Barney the purple dinosaur is not the only one who wants to help us clean up: Compost Your Combustibles and Community Clean Up Day […]

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Summer Competitions in Tahoe

Summer in Tahoe is approaching, which can mean only one thing: it’s time to get extreme. From triathlons to mountain climbs, there are a bevy of competitive options for the aspiring athlete and the extreme spectator…Tailgating, cheering, or volunteering course-side are wonderful ways to enjoy the race-day spirit without depleting your electrolyte supply. Whether you […]

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