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100 Days until First Chair at Heavenly!

Follow our countdown guide, and you’ll be all set for opening day. Day 100 (Aug. 13) – Read this blog, which you’re already doing. Take notes. Mark November 21, 2014 on your calendar as Heavenly’s opening day. Now, prepare mentally for the countdown to begin. Day 99 – Sign up for Heavenly’s email notifications. This […]

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It’s no surprise that Tahoe offers a variety of activities to participate in during these blissful summer months. Between biking, hiking and soaking up the sun on the beach, one might think they have experienced all this Sierra Nevada paradise has to offer. Think again! Tahoe has some of the best Disc Golf Courses (you […]

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2014 Heavenly Mountain Run

You- yes, you- are you looking for an end of summer challenge? You have four weeks left to train for the Heavenly Mountain Run. The race kicks off at 10AM on August 31, 2014 as part of the Tahoe Trail Running Series. Come experience a few of your favorite trails in reverse. The 5.8 mile […]

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South Lake Tahoe Ice Cream Shops

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a delicious scoop of ice cream. There’s just something about the cool creaminess that brings out the kid in everyone. I myself am a bit of an ice cream fanatic. When asked, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla or chocolate? I say neither, Ben & […]

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Heavenly Happy Hour #4- Basecamp Hotel

Basecamp Hotel is a cozy oasis tucked away behind the casino strip on Cedar Avenue. What was once a seedy motel has been renovated to be an incredibly quaint retreat for lovers of the outdoors, and will soon see additional rooms and an outdoor beer garden after the renovation of the adjacent property (what was […]

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