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Vail Resorts Echo Day at Heavenly

VR Echo Day is Vail Resorts’ annual company-wide volunteer day. Whether forging new trails or helping restore a town park, Echo Day allows employees of all ages (and their friends and family, too!) to rally around a local community need. Established in 2010, VR Echo Day has allowed a total of 2,246 volunteers to give […]

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Spring cleaning time

That worn-out couch in your front yard, yeah, your neighbors probably think it’s time you get rid of it. That mattress propped up against your house, yep, same thing. The thick layer of pine needles covering your would-be grass is not only unpleasant for your children to walk barefoot across, it is also a fire […]

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Heavenly’s Environmental Initatives

When you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (Lake Tahoe of course) it’s easy to feel a special connection to Earth Day. One look out the window at the lake, mountains and green forests is enough to motivate anyone to want to to their part to keep our surroundings in pristine […]

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Help! Liz Needs Your Gardening Tips

Since moving from Chicago, I’ve relished in all the outdoor spaces I have to take advantage of in Tahoe. No longer am I confined to a 5 x 7 deck. Now I have a front porch, patio and yard to do with as I please. In honor of all my new spaces in the sun, […]

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