Winter 2017 Insider’s Guide

You’ve had a long week. Monday: you got in a fender bender on your way to the gym, Tuesday: your dog chewed up your new pair of shoes and on Wednesday your boss moved the deadline for that project that was due in two weeks to this Friday. The good news is that you and your buds are going to be in Tahoe this weekend, which is quite possibly the best place to come to forget about your troubles. If you’re looking to enjoy the South Shore experience to its fullest and let loose in true Tahoe fashion, look no further, here is your guide to Saturday Night Done Right.

(Remember to pace yourself!!)

During Your Ski Day: Check out the on mountain bites & libations on the California Side.

(take a peek)

The Afternoon:  Tamarack Lodge Unbuckle Après Party is a MUST.

The Transition Period:  You are allowed ONE hour to wash off the sunscreen, trade board shorts for a button down shirt and have a glass of water. Then…giddy up…it’s time to rally and really get the night started. NO NAPS! If you have a friend that tries to take a nap, write obscenities on his or her face in magic marker.

The Cocktail Hour: This is a great time of night to catch a glimpse of our classic Tahoe sunsets while raising your glass to your jacked bumper, half eaten shoes and finished work project. Chart House and Riva Grill have fabulous views with casual bar settings.

The Dinner: This is very important. Dinner is the necessary foundation to a long, healthy nightlife. Want pizza? Basecamp Pizza in the Heavenly Village has some great pie in a really cool atmosphere. Sushi? Off the Hook is my personal favorite, they have a huge diverse menu and the staff is friendly. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try alligator bratwurst (or whatever crazy wild game they are offering this week), head over to Himmel Haus across from the Heavenly California Lodge for a full menu of German cuisine and some reallllly tasty German bier.

The Club: You made it! How do you feel? You’ve already had so much fun, but the night has just begun. Roll into Opal Ultra Lounge and get down with go-go dancers, a live DJ and body painting. Saturday night is Ladies Night until midnight which means get in free and guys…  there are going to be tons of smokin’ babes who are all stoked that they just got into the club for free. Another great place to add to your agenda is PEEK Nightclub inside Harrah’s. They often have guest DJs from Vegas, NY and LA. If you want VIP service, this is the place to do it. Tired yet? You still need to round out your late night adventure with some live music.  Grab your buds and chant along to “Sweet Caroline” at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. Their website has a full listing of their music line-up.

By now, you should be feeling pretty good. I hope you remembered to bring some Red Bull and ibuprofen for Sunday morning. Like we say at Heavenly…Play all day and party all night, sleep when you get home. Have fun and be safe, Saturday Nighters!

~Margo Stoney, Graphic Designer


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