Employee Spotlight: Jeff Bowman, Terrain Park

We caught up with Jeff Bowman from the Heavenly terrain park team to ask him a few questions about what it takes to design, build, and maintain the parks on the mountain. During our brief chat, we got a glimpse into his daily focus and the overall mission of the parks team here at Heavenly.





Q: What does a normal day look like?

A: I start my day around 7am at the Aerial Tram by California Lodge, get on the mountain around 7:15 am, ride over to High Roller Park, start setting up signage, and make sure everything is safe to go throughout the day. Then I head down to Groove Terrain Park and repeat the process. After we open up the parks, we continue reshaping and performing maintenance throughout the day. Most importantly, we make sure everyone is having a good time!


Q: Do you get to ride in the park on your breaks?

A: Every chance I get! I try to get through the park throughout the day; if it’s not for visual or regular maintenance, I’m in there making sure everyone else in here is having a good time.


Q: Do you have a favorite jump/feature?

A: I like to stick to the jump lines, they’re a lot of fun. The operators do a great job of shaping the mountain. Attention to maintenance allows for better pops and good hang time throughout the day.


Q: What’s the most challenging part of this job?

A: The maintenance, it’s a lot of work. The benefit of the hard work, however, is being able to ride on the toys you just built—it’s really worth it.


Q: What’s the most rewarding part?

A: Watching someone step out of their comfort zone—doing something they didn’t think they could do. And then seeing a big smile on a guest’s face after they stick their landing—it’s really rewarding.


Q: What would you recommend to a kid who wants to get started in the terrain park?

A: I recommend Groove Park first, it’s our smaller park over at the top of Gunbarrel Express. I’d also recommend starting with small features to build your skill and confidence. Develop your skills as you go, take tips and watch other people. And just have fun with it!


Jeff’s insight into how the team designs the parks was great! He really highlighted how skiers and ridders of all ages and skill levels can enjoy different parts of the parks. Next time you see a park team member, give them a high five and let them know you’re having fun with the features!

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the world of terrain parks, check out our latest Pulse mini-documentary on Youtube. It’s a rare opportunity to take a ride with the terrain park team as they shed light on their behind-the-scenes efforts and passion for the parks.



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