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There are views that are “nice” or “pretty” and then there are take your breath away this can’t be real life my eyes can’t make sense of this views. Some of the best ones require some leg work, a quick hike, to experience.

Miles of blue skies from the top of Cave Rock? The first Gondola ride of summer at Heavenly? Tahoe has several places that fall into the “this can’t be real it’s too beautiful” category.

Those views are the background for Tahoe’s world class hiking. The top five reasons to hike in the basin:

-There’s a reason the world’s best runners train at altitude. Your 9,000+ altitude hike at the top of the Gondola will make you a stronger hiker.

-There’s no cost, outside of a good pair of walking shoes and plenty of water which you’ll want for your other Tahoe adventures.

-Along with not needing much equipment, no tickets or reservations required to go for a hike.

-You can hike from almost your entire life! Grey hair and kid sized shoes welcome.

-Zen: breeze rustling through trees, flowers stretching up towards the sun.

Leave your cell phone in the car or turn it off. How often do you immerse yourself in nature? The best hikes are the ones that unplug you. Ponder something complex, meaningful. Let your light bulb moment come to you.

At the top of our Gondola, we offer a unique opportunity to experience the mountain on foot. Heavenly hiking trails are marked with stations to teach you and your family about the local wildlife. You’ll see native flowers, trees, birds and other animals.


On our mountain we offer four hiking trails. The East Peak trail (Green on Map) takes you on a one hour jaunt into Nevada. The East Peak Lake Hiking Trail (Blue) is our longest, and takes you by our East Peak Lake over to Stagecoach lookout. Sky Meadows (Black) takes you into lower California elevations while the Summit Trail (Orange) takes you to the top of Sky Express. There are miles of trails to explore and incredible Tahoe views to take in from Heavenly.

Come check out hiking and our other summer activities. We’re open 7 days a week all summer.


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