Camping in 2015: Tahoe Tips

There is nothing quite like kicking back around a campfire with your crew after a long day exploring the shore of Lake Tahoe. Summer has arrived in Tahoe and that means it’s time to leave the comforts of home and sleep outside.
Book your campsite as early as possible since camping around Lake Tahoe fills up during peak summer weekends.

Looking for a campsite by the lake and a beach where you can take your beverages? Nevada Beach Campground is for you.

Ever thought about camping in a Yurt? The yurts at Fallen Leaf Lake Campground will have you well on your way to a full on “glamping” weekend.

Campsite selection Pro Tip: Pick a site that is out of earshot of the restroom so you can enjoy a chill evening around the campfire.
Before you go camping dig your ski poles out of storage, you will need them plus a Frisbee and some beers to play everyone’s campground favorite, beersbee. If you really want to up your camping game, pack up your corn hole boards and practice your skills for the next time you are up at Tamarack Lodge.
Campfire Pro Tip: Set your GoPro to snap a photo every 10 seconds and strap it to a nearby tree facing the campfire. You will have a radical time lapse of your campfire shenanigans to share with the world.
Be sure to check with the ranger or campground manager before starting a campfire and be sure to put out the fire properly. Learn how from our partners at the US Forest Service here.
Camping Dessert Pro Tip: While I am usually not a fan of messing with a classic, replace the chocolate in your s’mores with a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
Happy Camping!



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