What’s New for Summer 2015

Hopefully you’ve already heard: we are opening in a week, on June 12th, with oodles of fun to be had at the top of the Gondola, including the brand new Hot Shot zip line:

The Hot Shot has four lines, each measuring 1,000 feet, so you can race along against your friends and family. Riders go up Big Easy chair to access the top station of the zip line, where they get outfitted with a harness and helmet, and graduate from “ground school” to prepare for the 30-40 mile per hour speeds of the aptly named Hot Shot. If you want to use your GoPro to take photos, bring your own helmet with a head mount, a chest or a wrist mount, since you won’t want a camera or a phone out that could fly off into the wild blue yonder. Oh, and wear secure shoes, i.e. not flip flops—losing a shoe would make for a tough rest of the day!

There will also be several new activities under construction at the top of the Gondola, with potential for opening this year. Here is the run down:

A permanent rock climbing wall is going in next to Tamarack Lodge. It will have an auto belay systems and 18 defined routes, and after a successful ascent, climbers can take a leap of faith and enjoy a moment of free fall before a 35 foot controlled descent to the bottom.


Tamarack Lodge Climbing Wall 2


A kids ropes course and zip line will also be located at the top of the Gondola area, and will be designed for small kids. The ropes course will be an oval loop approximately six to eight feet off the ground, with a secure continuous belay system, and a 100 foot zip line to get youngsters involved in the fun.

Stay tuned for more updates on these activities as we move forward with the Epic Discovery project here at Heavenly. 2015-16 winter season pass holders ride the gondola this summer for free, so come up and check out what we have going on!

~Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Coordinator



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