Mountain Town Music- Summer 2015 Concerts


Outdoor concerts are a must for a vibrant summer weekend in Tahoe. No offense intended to the big name shows and music festivals that the casinos have lined up (because they look awesome) but buying a ticket comes with pressure. Plus that ticket money would be better spent on beers and snacks some of the time. Two FREE music series roll into town for summer. Live at Lakeview kicks off on June 25th at Lakeview Commons- the corner of Highway 50 and Lakeview Ave. The stage sits beautifully on the beach and lines up for an epic mid-summer sunset. There are beer tents, food vendors, and not much parking so please carpool or take advantage of the free bike valet. Already started- the Heavenly Village Summer Concerts fill the area around the bottom of our Gondola with live music every Friday and Saturday of the summer. The stage moves around throughout the season- under our Gondola, outside Base Camp Pizza, on the corner near Azul- to give you different places to grab a drink while you’re watching the show. Check out the full summer concert line up:

5/22 HV: Basecamp Presents the Connor Party

5/23 HV: Basecamp presents Some People

5/29 HV: Liquid Cactus | Funk/Rock

5/30 HV: Paige & Fearless Kin | Bluegrass/Acoustic

6/5 HV: Electric Jimmys | Classic Rock/Grateful Dead Trib

6/6 HV: Tracorum | Classic/Jam Rock

6/12 HV: Klodz Circuit | Electronic/Rock

6/13 HV: Lounge Lizards | Surf Rock

6/19 HV: Groove Session| Soul/Rock

6/20 HV: Dad’s LPs | Rock

6/25 Lakeview: Raymond Victor Band (Blues/Jazz)

6/26 HV: Idea Team | Funk/Rock

6/27 HV: 40 Watt Hype | Latin/Funk

7/2 Lakeview: Tubaluba (Brass)

7/3 HV: The Bumptet | Jazz/Rock

7/4 HV: Tuba Luba | Brass Band!

7/9 Lakeview: World’s Finest (Ska/Americana)

7/10 HV: Worlds Finest | American/Rock /Reggae

7/11 HV: Jesse Kalin Band

7/16 Lakeview: Fish Out of Water (Funk/Reggae)

7/17 HV: Rebel Soul | 80’s covers | Gary’s Budgeting

7/18 HV: Rebel Soul | 80s

7/23 Lakeview: Rian Bastilio and the Roosters (Reggae)

7/24 HV: Kitchen Dwellers| Americana/ New Grass

7/25 HV: Worn Out Welcome | Americana/Rock

7/30 Lakeview: Dad’s LPs (Rock)

7/31 HV: Mind X | Calypso/Zydeco/Latin/Celtic

8/1 HV: Drought Relief | Rock/Covers

8/6 Lakeview: The Lil’ Smokies (Bluegrass)

8/7 HV: Bison | Bluegrass/Covers

8/8 HV: Black Star Safari | Rock

8/13 Lakeview: Polyrhythmies (Funk)

8/14 HV: Mark McKay from LA

8/15 HV: Rainbow Grils | Rock/Acoustic/Fusion

8/20 Lakeview: Scott Pemberton (Rock)

8/21 HV: Low Flying Birds | Old Time/Country

8/22 HV: Island Of Black & White |Reggae/Rock

8/27 Lakeview: Lavish Green (Ska/Rock)

8/28 HV: Little Brother | Rock/Jam/Classic

8/29 HV: Mark Sexton Band | Funk/Soul/Rock


Rock on,

Jesse Plate, Heavenly Marketing Specialist



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