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South Lake Tahoe Welcomes Hard Rock Casino

On July 17, atop Heavenly’s beautiful Blue Sky Terrace, stakeholders gathered and announced plans to develop a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in South Lake Tahoe. The Park Family and Warner Hospitality will offer visitors a unique experience with The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will embark on an approximately $60 million renovation and redesign project in the old Horizon location.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe will include two renovated hotel towers, several new restaurants and bars, and a 25,000 square foot casino – all designed to incorporate the exciting elements of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino brand.

We could not be more stokedĀ for the pool parties and live-entertainment to start! For more information head down to the Heavenly Village and visit The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino preview center (located near the Patagoina store) or www.hardrockcasinolaketahoe.com.


Heavenly welcomes The Hard Rock!

Heavenly welcomes The Hard Rock!

Redesign rendering.

Redesign renderings.

Redesign rendering.

Redesign rendering.

Redesign rendering.

Hard Rock preview center located in the Heavenly Village.

Hard Rock preview center located in the Heavenly Village.

9 Responses to “South Lake Tahoe Welcomes Hard Rock Casino”

  1. Michele Says:

    Hello! Hello! This is awesome!

  2. real skier Says:

    Meh. On the one hand it’s great that the Horizon is getting revamped – it’s tired and scuzzy. OTOH, the Hard Rock brand to me screams low-brow. So much for moving SLT more towards being a “real” ski town.

  3. Jim McBee Says:

    :-) Low brow or not, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will appeal to a certain segment of our visitors. It will bring a remodeled casino and remodeled hotel to Stateline. And, it will hopefully bring some more year round visitors to patronize shops, restaurants, and activities. I see this as a good thing for South Lake.

  4. Jim Says:

    Wonder how expensive the rooms will be.

  5. Michael Johnson Says:

    Anyone know if the movie theatre is reopening?

  6. egoldin Says:

    Still wondering this. I miss the theatre. Not so much the rest of the Horizon.

  7. Michael Johnson Says:

    Got an email from Hard Rock saying it wasn’t.

  8. Jaime Covey Says:

    Does anyone have any information on how we get our free night at the hard rock if you’re an epic pass holder? I called the resort and hotel and neither knew what I was talking about.

  9. Jesse P Says:

    Hey Jaime- The free night deal was offered to our season pass email subscribers in January and the booking window has since passed. We highly suggest signing up to receive emails via our website so you don’t miss any offers in the future.
    Jesse at Heavenly