Heavenly Happy Hour #3- Blue Angel Cafe

It was my turn. For HHH #3, I decided to take the gang to Blue Angel Cafe on Ski Run Boulevard, just down the road from our California Main Lodge. If I had to sum up the Blue Angel Café based on all of my experiences there, I’d say it’s like going to your hip eclectic aunt’s house – who happens to be a really good cook and have a knack for landscaping and London-themed décor.

Every time I come here, I feel like family; whether it’s to sit by the fireplace for après ski or to grab a casual dinner with friends or a date. Probably the best part is, their Happy Hour runs SEVEN (!!!!) days a week from 3-6pm with extra special specials Monday-Thursday.

For $5 or less you can choose from a number of cocktails, wine and draught beer and they have a small menu of appetizer-style happy hour food as well. We sat outside in a lovely landscaped garden and enjoyed the nice Tahoe breeze and watched the residents of Ski Run take their evening walks.


Our scoring system has five categories. Ratings are averages from the group and are rounded to the half number. Here is how Blue Angel stacked up:


Food: 4/5 – The Happy Hour food menu is slightly limited, it probably isn’t ideal if you’re trying to substitute this as dinner (which we did anyway). We all appreciated the bruschetta and the Tuesday Night $1.99 taco special. As a pescetarian, I was impressed by the blackened tofu tacos. Jesse and Liesl took the charge on the chicken tacos. The tortillas had melty baked cheese on them, so no matter which route you took, it was delicious.

Drink: 5/5 –The selection, value and taste of the drinks at Blue Angel were all a win with this crowd. The margaritas were obviously fresh squeezed and made with love and the cool bubbles from the sparkling wine hit the spot on a warm summer day.


Value: 4.5/5 – I think the $1.99 tacos helped out with the value quite a bit. We all left satisfied and it didn’t break the bank and that’s a good sign of a happy hour that is great for both locals and visitors.

Service: 4.5/5 – When we walked in, we were welcomed with smiles. We picked a nice table outside and were immediately greeted by our server Casey. He was attentive and stayed on top of our orders. At the end, the dinner crowd started to trickle in and the service became a little less prompt, but we didn’t mind because we weren’t in a hurry.

Fun: 4.5/5 – Blue Angel is good, casual fun. Like I said, it’s like hanging out at your eclectic aunt’s house; you’re going to enjoy yourself but probably not tie one on and head to the casinos after. We had good company and a relaxed environment and that’s the kind of fun I like to have!

In summary, Blue Angel Café can be described by the following one word associations from the group: hero, reincarnation, mulch, The Tube, homey, warm, sweet, ambient and Bilzerian (please never do a Google image search of this man).

-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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