Heavenly Happy Hour #2- Chart House

The adventure continues… to find Tahoe South’s greatest happy hour spots.

HHH #2:

CHART HOUSE Lake Tahoe is perched up on Kingsbury Grade, and is well reputed for its reasonably priced happy hour, even while it reverts to pricier white-tablecloth entrees after the clock strikes 6:30. The Happy Hour menu could lure in any parched local or spending-savvy traveler, while holding on to high-class flair with drinks like “Fleur d’Lis” and “Pomegranate Mojito.” For the dedicated drinker who is unwilling to spend $6 on a cocktail, the Icky IPA from Great Basin Brewing in Reno runs for a sweet $3.25 a glass…Drink local!

Our scoring system has five categories. Ratings are averages from the group and are rounded to the half number. Here is how Chart House stacked up:


Food: 4.5/5– Check out the crab stack below, which the kitchen graciously whipped up for us. Yes, that’s a foundation of fresh avocado and mango…needless to say it didn’t take long for this to get whittled down to the leaning tower of deliciousness, and eventually disappear. We tried a bevy of items off of the happy hour menu, and were very pleased (and full) by the end. The hummus platter has soft, warm pitas and fried plantains for dipping, and the ahi nachos (also pictured below) were perfectly spicy.
Drink: 4.5/5– Due to an upset stomach, I did what a true happy hour lover would do: ordered the Ginger Rita, since ginger helps a tummy ache! Sure enough, it was beautifully served with a piece of pickled ginger, which I nibbled on elatedly. Jesse also insists that the mango mojito should be listed on “thebomb.com.”
Value: 4/5– As is often the case with office folk heading for a rendezvous after work, we were hungry hungry happy hour-ers. The food portions seemed small for the price, but that didn’t stop us from trying out the menu.
Service: 4.5/5– Our server, Matt, seemed happy to have a younger group in the house, and adjusted his manner accordingly. Chart House was busy for happy hour and Matt was understandably in a rush, but his drink delivery was always timely…a man after our hearts. The manager, Tony, stopped by to say hello and take a photo for us.
Fun: 4/5– As I mentioned above, we seemed to be the youngest crowd in the house, which stifled the fun factor a bit. Thankfully, good company always keeps the mood high!



In summary, Chart House can be described by the following one word associations from the group: Pleasant, elegant, toasty, engrossing, pomegranate, delicious, groo-fisticated, and tantalizing. Does this describe your ideal happy hour experience? Keep an eye on @skiheavenly for where we are headed to next, and come join us!

Check out just how cool you can make your cocktail look at the Chart House deck:ChartHouseDrink

In the words of our server, Matt: “Yeahhhh Buddy!”

-Liesl Kenney

Public Relations Coordinator, Heavenly




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