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Jeremy Grey: What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season?

[Jeremy raises his hand]

John Beckwith: Mr. Grey?

Jeremy Grey: Yes. The answer would be, um, Wedding Season?


Happy Wedding Season! I feel especially excited about this year’s wedding season because 1.) two of my best friends are getting hitched this summer and 2.) I am planning my own nuptials. I feel so incredibly grateful that I get to live in such a beautiful place as Lake Tahoe, I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d want to say ‘I do.’

Here are a few reasons why I think Lake Tahoe is the greatest wedding destination:

1. Scenic beauty, everywhere you look. Seriously, you want the beach? Check. Mountains? Check. Stunningly clear blue water? Check. Expansive forest? Check. How about all four at the same location? Check.

2. Endless entertainment. Lake Tahoe offers adventures for every type of person in your family. From casinos to mountain biking to lake cruises, you won’t have to worry for a minute about your wedding destination’s fun factor.

3. Large to small wedding venues. Whether you have a party of 20 or 200, Lake Tahoe has the ideal wedding venue for you.

4. Everyone will want to come. Now this could be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. But for me I love the idea that guests can extend their time here into a weeklong vacation. It gives me more time to spend with my family and friends, and takes the pressure off trying to meet with everyone on the Big Day. Reno-Tahoe airport is less than an hour from the Lake, or if guests prefer they can fly into San Francisco (three hour drive).

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-Rachel Roberts

Online Marketing Manager and Soon To Be Bride, Heavenly




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