Summer Jobs in Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Blue Streak Zip Line

Are you looking for a summer job in Lake Tahoe? Well Heavenly is upping the ante of Lake Tahoe summer activities with zip lines, ropes courses and the most scenic Gondola ride around. Come be a part of the exciting adventure.

In past years, Heavenly has maintained a summer staffing level of roughly 350 employees. These include ticket sellers and scanners, trail crew workers, food and beverage/banquets employees, photographers, tubing hill attendants and administrative positions. This year, with the expansion of Adventure Peak, we will be growing that number to nearly 500 positions. Our biggest addition is in Adventure Peak. There, employees will be working with our guests on a variety of attractions and activities including the recently opened Blue Streak zip line.

Nearly 100, entry-level positions will be available for candidates with varying experience levels.

Tubing Hill and Climbing Wall Attendants:
Employees working at climbing wall and tubing hill will have a blast ushering our guests throughout the tubing/climbing experience! Days will be spent instructing guests on how to safely use/load the attraction, providing tips, tricks and instruction in climbing technique and ensuring guest safety. These attractions are very popular with our younger visitors, so candidates should enjoy working with children.

Zip Line Operator:
Employees working at the zip-line will need to have a high tolerance for working at heights and moving fast! These are the folks who will know the zip-line inside and out, ensuring it’s safe operation and guest use. Thrills and exhilaration are abounding in this role!

Ropes Course Attendant:
Employees working at The Ropes Course will guide guests through one of our three challenge courses; these folks will quickly become the guest’s instructor, mentor, safety guardian and fun-monitor! After fitting guests for the appropriate equipment and reviewing proper use of the attraction- these employees will guide groups or individuals through a stimulating series of ropes challenges up to 30 feet off the ground!

All positions at Adventure Peak will require a background check; candidates must be at least 18 years of age. Apply online at

See you on the mountain this summer!



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