The thing threatening Lake Tahoe and how you can help…

Elevate Your View

There is something gradually threatening Lake Tahoe, slowly seeping into the community with the potential to destroy the basic fabric that holds this community together…Apathy.

Apathy is a lack of engagement by community members and a lack of community members feeling like their voices can be heard as far as how as they want to see their community shaped and how they can be an agent of change. Apathy is the most dangerous predator to the future of South Lake Tahoe.

If you live here, there is action you can take. But how do you get involved in the community? How do you take an active role? What is even going on in our community in terms of tourism, the local economy, community health and safety, environment, education?

The first step you can take is to attend the inaugural Elevate Your View Leadership Lake Tahoe Summit, hosted by Leadership Lake Tahoe, on behalf of the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce. This one-day conference on May 10, 2014 at MontBleu is meant to raise awareness and empower our community to improve the future of Lake Tahoe.

It brings together different facets of the community to discuss the changes underway in Tahoe and the challenges that lie ahead. Keynote speakers include Community Choreographer Dave Meslin, and the former mayor of Park City, Utah, Dana Williams.

The conference will also include interactive sessions with members of regulatory organizations, Tahoe educators, and leaders in the tourism engine, which drives Tahoe. Members of the community will speak to what it means to be a long-time local who has found success here, as well as new members of our community trying to find their way and the challenges they foresee.

The goal is to not only encourage attendees to hear about the issues concerning South Lake Tahoe but to discuss potential solutions and ways of involvement. It is time for YOU, as a community member, to Elevate Your View.

We’ve worked hard to bring this event to the Lake Tahoe community at the lowest price possible. Tickets are $50 per person or $25 for students with student ID, which includes the Leadership Lake Tahoe Summit, breakfast, Lunch, and the closing reception at Opal Ultra Lounge.

Learn more and register at

-Sally Gunter, member of the 2014 Leadership Lake Tahoe class



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