Favorite Moments of the Season

It’s been a long, fun winter at Heavenly. Here are a few of our favorite memories:

Partying with members of my ski clubs at Unbuckle: The music was pumping, the drinks were flowing and everyone was dancing. I’ve never gotten down on the dance floor with so many GoPros or people in socks before. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

-Michelle M


A writer from Maxim Magazine came out to experience Heavenly and see what this ‘high-energy hype’ was all about. Showing him around the mountain and around town that weekend took me back to what makes South Lake Tahoe unique and revived my juices for being here. We’re unlike any other place, and as locals we sometimes take for granted the things here that people will remember for a lifetime. Experiencing our resort like a visitor was my best moment of the season.

-Sally G

I am not a morning person. On my days off I typically like to sleep in. March 30, however, was a different story. It had snowed for three days straight and one thing I don’t mind setting my alarm for is first chair on a powder day. Geared up and on Gunbarrel Express by 8:30 am, I got some of the best turns of my life. First tracks through Palisades, hiked Milky Way Bowl, flew through the trees – all day long.

-Rachel R

The best moment I had at Heavenly this season was with my 2 year old.  After riding the magic carpets last year and this year, he asked if he could get on Big Easy.  I couldn’t say no.

-Adriann K

Pow Turns! Rachel, Sally and I went up for an hour in the morning after one of the big storms and took photos and GoPro footage. It was awesome.

-Margo S


My favorite memory and day on the mountain was definitely on St. Patrick’s Day. I got to enjoy the day fully dressed up, Tahoe cape and all, and snowblade everywhere.

-Mikaila B

When Mikaila and I would go on mountain dressed as heros and fly around Unbuckle.

-Austyn H


Free refills on powder! That’s what we got all afternoon on Saturday, March 29th of this year. We had our own secret stash in the trees, and even then we couldn’t find our tracks the next time around. Hooting, hollering and a cold beer afterwards at Cal Base…It just doesn’t get better than that.

-Liesl K

Seeing the DJ CAT operate for the first time- after working so hard with Aaron Hagar and Kicker Audio, seeing it in action was special.

-Don E


The first time I rode Mott Canyon. Two of my best friends from the East Coast were in town and it had been snowing all night. My buddy Jon turned to me and said “This is exactly how I pictured West Coast skiing.”

-Jesse P



What was your favorite moment of this season? Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook- we’ll send Heavenly swag to the best stories.




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