“Plus” Season


I’m stoked for Spring and I have the trunk to prove it.

This winter at Heavenly has been my favorite ski/ride season ever, but at this very moment, I’m excited about “snowboarding+___.”

Are you ready for the best of Spring in South Lake? My trunk is geared up for whatever Tahoe presents:

-Snowboarding plus a yoga class?

-Skiing plus 9 holes of golf?

-Snowboarding plus a trip to the Bijou skatepark?

-Snowboarding plus a drink on the beach?

All the +’s are worth doing, but they don’t mean as much alone as they do paired with laps around the mountain. The snow is still great, savor your last few weeks on the slopes.

Summer is going to be beautiful and winter will be back before you know it, turning Tahoe into the ski playground it’s meant to be. In the meantime, don’t sleep on the pluses- it’s two/three/four sport time for another few weekends.

-Jesse Plate

Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly



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