Ski Season’s Sunset


All good things must come to an end, even ski season. Everyone has their opinion about the end of the season. For some people, it’s devastating; weeks of crying and sleepless nights, a true downward spiral of sadness and emptiness. For others, it’s just one door closing and another one opening. Regardless of your take on closing day, it’s a cause to be celebrated. So grab your favorite ski friends and let’s go out with a bang.

The Skiing:

With the new snow that MN (Mother Nature) has dumped on us, we’re experiencing some of the best conditions of the season. That said, don’t discount the importance of actually skiing and riding on closing day. There’s only two weeks left to enjoy the slopes. It’s easy to take one run in your bikini top and tutu and call it a day at a sunny picnic table with a Mojito in-hand. As tempting as that sounds, just remember that you won’t be able to ski again until November. That’s right…November. I just cried a little thinking about it. A majority of the mountain will still be skiable on closing day, so squeeze the most of that season pass with a few more hot laps on your favorite runs.

The Parties:

Closing day can often turn into closing evening , then closing night. The best celebrations start after the lifts stop. Our daytime activities are the perfect way to tee up the rest of the night: music in the liftlines, the DJ cat bumpin’, happy hour specials, cornhole, dancing and sunshine.

The Aftermath:

You’ve downloaded the gondola, your feet are sore from hours of dancing in ski boots to the DJ Cat. As you’re sipping brews at Fire & Ice, everything gets quiet. The cable slows and the gondola cars come to a halt and just like that, it’s all over. There’s a faint round of cheering in the village and a wave of nostalgia comes over everyone as we all remember our great memories from the season. It doesn’t sink in until the next day, or maybe even the next weekend that you won’t be able to ski or ride again for nearly six months. You already miss the feeling of the first-chair corduroy on your edges and the excitement of peeking through the curtain the morning of a powder day. The things that we will miss about ski season, will be the things that remind us why we’re so excited to come back next fall.

To all my skiers and riders out there, don’t miss closing day, it’s when some of the best memories of the season are made. Grab your silly outfits and colored zinc and take those last turns and dance to that last song. Then come celebrate and buy me a beer.

-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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