How To Ski Bumps (GB25 Preview)


Hey all GB25 competitors!

First of all, tons of respect to you. This is one of the gnarliest, most grueling events I’ve ever heard of in skiing. It takes a lot to tackle this beast once, let alone 25+ times.

For all of you returning skiers, welcome back! It will be a blast watching you again. If this is your first time, I’m sure you’ve heard all about what you’re getting into.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ski with you this year in the event, but I’ll be watching on my crutches! If I were skiing, I would make sure to have a good energy meal the night before, and that I’m properly hydrated before the event.┬áMake sure you’re getting plenty of food and fluids on your chairlift rides.

The weather has been great out here, make sure you remember your sunscreen! You don’t want to be that person at the BBQ/after party that everyone is making fun of!

One thing that I have to think about as I’m getting tired is to keep my feet under me while skiing and not let them run too far ahead and put me in the backseat and get lazy.

I hope everyone has a great day out there and I will see you all at registration!


Pre-register for the Gunbarrel 25 by calling 530-542-5133 or check out for event details.



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