The Spring Effect: Heavenly’s Outdoor Dining


It’s sunny, the skies are blue, you’re drinking a beer…indoors at a dark bar. Wait, what? That’s ridiculous. And also, it’s unnecessary, especially at Heavenly. We pride ourselves on bluebird skies and bottomless doses of vitamin d, which is why we have several amazing decks to enjoy it. Spring is the best time to check out the decks, and to make your Tour de Deck a little easier, I’m sharing with you my top three favorite ones on the mountain.


Steins – So this might better qualify as a patio, but add an Umbrella Bar, English Bangers and the endless entertainment of the bunny hill and it doesn’t really matter, does it? Steins, a Euro-themed outdoor party land, is located at the bottom of Powderbowl Express and Patsy’s Chair. It’s a mecca for action and a great meeting place if you are with a group with different ability levels since it’s right near some of our best beginner terrain.

Tamarack Lodge  – The deck at Tamarack is such a hot spot that you’ll often find the deck expanding itself out onto the surrounding  real estate. On weekends, you’ll find the Heavenly DJ Cat spinning the best beats on the mountain and the lovely Heavenly Angels. The Tamarack deck  is a great place to end your day, all you have to worry about is hanging out in the sun drinking half-price beers and making it to the gondola when the music stops and the sun is about to go down.

The Deck at East Peak– This one is my favorite. East Peak is the ultimate outdoor hangout, not only does it have a huge raised deck (sometimes I feel like I’m in a tree house), but it has a full BBQ and the Star Bar for your beverage needs. Go to East Peak and there is literally no reason to go indoors. This place is also famous for its “beach” area. On a Sunday, I like to plop myself down in an Adirondack chair and watch people ski down Comet. No need to ever get up, the cocktail waitresses frequent the area taking drink orders and sometimes a woman in a chicken suit will walk around giving out samples of chicken wings.

Remember, those are just my favorites. There is so much more out there. Check out Sky Deck at the base of Sky Express, the California Bar Rooftop, and the decks at Stagecoach and Boulder.  With that line-up of big Heavenly decks, why eat or drink indoors on a sunny day ever again? Now, stop deckin’ around and get up here!

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-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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