The Spring Effect: Tahoe South Outdoor Bars



Springtime is rejuvenating. Daylight saving’s sunshine invites you to stay outside for the end of happy hour. The warmer temps dare you to leave the jacket at home.

I want to celebrate the spring with a glass of *____ on a deck by the lake. (*Insert your choice of sangria, frosty brew, or dark and stormy. For me, it totally depends on the mood.) This drink is much different than your run of the mill restaurant cocktail- drink in hand, warm sun on skin, light breeze in hair, friends laughing, dogs playing at our feet, spring life will be beautiful.

Some perks of drinking outside:

-Sound doesn’t echo, so conversations are easier.

-Vitamin D! Sun can be great for your mood.

-More space to meet up with friends.

-Drinks taste better when you can see the lake.

The perfect spring day will start with snowboarding all morning. Then I’ll head to Unbuckle to dance crazy for an hour. I’ll download on the Gondola and meet friends at a place we can unwind outside. If you’re new in town or just visiting for Spring Break, here are some places to check out while you’re here.

In The Heavenly Village:

Fire and Ice: Located next to the base of the Gondola. Sit next to one of the fires, grab appetizers and drinks from the outdoor access to the main bar.

Gunbarrel Tavern: Plenty of outdoor seating, outdoor bar, great food.

Base Camp Pizza Co: Daily live music outside, outdoor heaters to keep you warm on cool nights, gourmet pizza.

Around Town:

Riva Grill: Right by the water, huge deck, Fish Taco Friday.

The Beacon: Rum Runners are a big hit- they’re the Wednesday drink special

The Boathouse: Right on the pier at the Tahoe Beach Retreat.

Enjoy the slopes, wear some sunscreen, and don’t think for one second everyone gets to sip on sangria by the lake. We’re lucky to be in Tahoe in springtime.

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-Jesse Plate
Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly


Photo Credit: Ron Davis of the Long Island Ski Club at Fire and Ice



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