The Spring Effect: Costumes on the Slopes


We are rolling out the white carpet this Spring. Show us your most groovy costumes and on-mountain Spring fashion!

It’s time to break out those Canadian Tuxedos. Spring skiing is back in action and wacky, creative ski wear is highly encouraged for the remainder of the season at Heavenly.

We want to see onesies, wigs, capes, and everything bright and flashy. We want to see it all.

Snag some snapshots with those legendary poses from the EpicMix photographers and make sure to use #epicmixphoto by April 5th to be entered in our photo contest where you could win a 2014-2015 season pass.

If you are unsure what classifies a costume, have no fear. There is little, if any, room to go wrong. Dust off those vintage outfits and brighten up the mountain with neon jackets and pants. Been holding onto an old Halloween costume? Want to revive that Dale Earnhardt jacket at the bottom of your closet? Bring them to the mountain. Maybe even synchronize a look with your friends.

 Spring Fashion Mountain Must-Have’s

–          Fanny packs                                                                                                                         – Boas, jewelry, beads

–          Fake beards and mustaches                                                                                           – Vintage onesies, jacket/pants

–          Zinc (white or any color)                                                                                                     – Capes

–          Helmet hats, mohawks, wigs                                                                                           – Masks


Still not feeling inspired? Don’t know what to wear? Here are some themes to run with:

The Formal – Use spring as the perfect opportunity to keep the slopes classy. Prom dresses, tuxedos, and bow ties are all welcome.

Good vs. Evil – Dress up with your friends as Super Heroes and Villains complete with props and capes and share a day of good ol’ fashioned rivalry.

Furry Friends – Animal costumes or cartoon outfits are ideal for on-mountain fashion. Their onesie design will keep you protected on the snow.

The Comedian – Never be afraid to get silly with it. For example: Gorillas chasing bananas, or the reverse. Or use a classic and easy throwback such as Bananas in Pyjamas.

You will find me mostly in capes- they’re my favorite for both off and on-mountain fashion. Swoop that killer turtleneck that has been staring at you in your closet and dress it up crazy. Go big and your dress WILL impress. I cannot wait to see everyone rippin’ around in costumes and celebrating the sunshine with high fashion at Heavenly! Oh ya, don’t forget your sunscreen! 😉

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Mikaila Bird, Snow Reporter/TV Show Producer              

(Left photo by Becky Lomax,



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