Heavenly Spring Break 2014


You and your buddies are having a difficult time deciding where to go for spring break. There’s always the x-rated, fun-in-the-sun beach parties of Daytona or tequila-soaked good times in Cancun. But you’re thinking of something a little more exciting…like skiing. But how are you going to get the Alphas to skip the typical spring break scene this year to head to the mountains?

Simple. Break the news to them that there is a ski town out there that parties like Daytona (actually harder), gets spring sunshine like Cancun and has more skiable acres than both beaches combined. Their minds are blown when you pitch Spring Break 2014 at Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe. After showing them photos of skiing above Big Blue, you tell them about the five casinos that offer 24-hour bars and entertainment, the Vegas-style nightclubs and an on-mountain day lodge that transforms into a dance party fully stocked with a DJ and go-go dancers.

They’re already booking their plane tickets before you can even get to the part where you tell them that they can actually ski and ride in between all of the top-notch partying. They’re especially stoked when you tell them that March is the best time to ski Tahoe; it’s the time of year when there is a blissful balance of blue bird pow days and California-famous spring skiing. Everyone back home will be impressed when you actually do something cool for spring break. And hey, maybe next year, you’ll let them come.

Spring Break in Mexico is sooo 2010. Come to Heavenly where you ski all day, party all night and sleep (in World History class) when you get home. Check out some of our deals and make your Heavenly Spring Break dreams a reality.

-Margo Stoney
Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood

Photo from Reuters



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