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Happy Valentine’s Day

Beauty is a subjective experience but everyone seems to agree that Tahoe is a special place. Whether during a first visit or after years of coming on the mountain, guests marvel at the breathtaking views that Heavenly’s slopes offer.

All week our EpicMix photographers have been catching Valentine’s moments on the mountain. Photo credit goes to Matt Ellman and Ryan Werick of our EpicMix team.



What are some of our the best spots to soak in a romantic view at Heavenly?
-Take your time on the traverse across Sky Trail and enjoy views of both the lake and valley.


-When the weather’s right clouds will come rolling in below your feet at the top of the mountain.


-Enjoy the ride down Gunbarrel, heading towards the lake with your _____ (friends, wife, boyfriend, etc) getting ready to celebrate after a fun day of skiing.


-Enjoy a painted sky or catch a Tahoe sunset from the observation deck.



-The classic spot here at Heavenly is the Tamarack Scenic Viewpoint on the California trail. Make sure to stop and have our EpicMix photographers snap a few pictures for you.


Have a fun and safe Valentine’s day.
-Jesse Plate
Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly

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