What’s Your Après?

Step 1: Discover.
Follow the prompts on the infographic to discover your most compatible location.


Step 2: Plan.
Now that you know where you’re going for après today, it’s time to work out the details. Do you need to bring extra shoes for dancing? If you plan to mingle, have you packed that cute hat that everyone always comments on? Are you going to drink whiskey or beer tonight? Have you had enough to eat today?

Step 3: Execution.
Wallet? Check. Red Bull? Check (you just skied for six hours, you’ll need one). Great attitude? Double check. Whether you’re getting your dance on with The Heavenly Angels at Unbuckle or checking out the game on one of Booyah’s nine flatscreen TV’s, you’re going to have a great time. You know how I know? Because you’re in Tahoe, and if you come here and don’t have a good time, then something is wrong with you.

An important thing to remember here is to not pigeonhole yourself. Maybe yesterday when you took the “Where’s your Après” challenge, all roads pointed to Unbuckle. And maybe that road took you down All In Boulevard last night and today you’re feeling more like a low key afternoon of foosball at Cal Bar. No matter your speed, relationship status, beverage preference, ski ability, drinking ability, level of passion for sports or music or lodging location; we have an après for you. Now get out there and buy me a drink!

-Margo Stoney
Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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