Current Conditions and Snow Forecast

Hello Heavenly Skiers and Riders!

The New Year has been good to us here at Heavenly Mountain Resort. The large bubble of high pressure broke into pieces and gave us a wide-open door for winter storm activity. So far, 2014 has delivered us 30 inches of natural snowfall. Last week, Mother Nature decided to show Heavenly some love and deliver 27 inches of snow within 48 hours. With the help of the West Coast’s largest and most powerful snowmaking team added to the new snowfall, we were able to expand our terrain from 22 trails to 44 trails in two weeks. Our grooming fleet does an amazing job keeping on top of our conditions and you will be able to tell the difference.  Our newest additional terrain opening offers:

-Expert Terrain: The Face, East Bowl.

Advanced Terrain: Waterfall, Ridge Bowl, Double Down, Little Dipper, Ellie’s and Ellie’s Swing Trail.

Intermediate Terrain: High Roller, High Five, Round-A-Bout, Orion’s Belt, Sand Dunes, World Cup, Sam’s

Dream, Von Schmidt, Lower and Mid Stagecoach, Lower Dipper Return, Upper Dipper Return, Aries.

Easiest Terrain: Swing Trail and Lower Mombo.

Last week’s storm came in warm and brought us some heavier snow. The cold temperatures following the precipitation withdrew all the moisture out of the snow and made it light and soft. This was just the storm we needed and it came in just how we wanted it to. Our trails and trees are now blanketed in fresh, soft, white snow, and the terrain has expanded for more room to play on the mountain.

We are currently operating 24 lifts and 45 trails during the weekends for more than 27 miles of skiable terrain across and top-to-bottom in both California and Nevada. Looking forward, a subtropical moisture plume is scheduled to push into Northern CA for the weekend bringing with it some larger scale snow totals for this weekend’s system. According to Western Weather Group, snow totals have been estimated from 34-48 inches by Monday. Some snow flurries are expected to begin this afternoon, and the majority of the snow fall is expected to hit the summit Saturday into Sunday. We have plans for opening new terrain as soon as conditions warrant.

As we enter a weekend with promising snowfall, we would like to give everyone a friendly reminder to please stay only on open, designated trails, out of closed areas and off of closed trails. Heavenly Ski Patrol works diligently in correspondence with our conditions and will open areas as soon as they have been cleared, safe and ready for traffic. By remaining out the closed areas you maintain your safety, your pass benefits, and your boards and skis will greatly appreciate it.

For more on the weather for the weekend, check out Open Snow forecast.

Hope to see you all on the slopes!


Mikaila Bird, Snow Reporter/TV Show Producer



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