Valentines Day and President’s Weekend at Heavenly


Once last week’s two-feet of snow began to fall I started seeing a lot more smiling faces and hand holding around South Lake Tahoe.
Looking across the lake at snow covered mountain peaks, your inner skier start daydreaming about pow turns. The rest of your brain scrambles to think of something equally beautiful. Dream big, that’s romance: an idea of something different, special, an unknown feeling that’s pleasant even though you can’t put your finger on how it works.
Go with it! Take advantage of our 33% off President’s Weekend Deal and celebrate your V-day by exploring South Lake:

1) Hit the slopes. Chase your friends or loved ones around the mountain. Have some EpicMix photos taken around Heavenly’s most beautiful spots. Take a mid-run break to enjoy the views of the lake.

2) Hit the town. Treat yo’self to a nice meal or fancy drinks. Laugh and dance all night then take a few hours tomorrow to bask in your joy. Relax with a massage, a boat tour of the lake, a slow brunch.

3) Take your lady (or guy) shopping around the Heavenly Village. Get a new North Face fleece or some sweet gloves and throw snowballs.

Or stick with #1- get first chair and play all day in the new snow. As a lover of snowboarding, I get it.
It’s a holiday after all, so maybe head to Unbuckle at the end of your last run and ask out a Heavenly Angel.

Make your Valentine’s day epic.

-Jesse Plate
Marketing Coordinator, Heavenly



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