Good Eatin’ at Heavenly


Here at Heavenly, we like to make sure that when you visit us you enjoy our food just as much as you enjoy our snow. We have some exciting new menu items to share with you! Check out this quick rundown of what’s fresh this season in the Mountain Dining world.

Chicken Wings:  If you’re visiting on the weekends, you might be lucky enough to experience the lady in the chicken suit handing out free samples of our new wings at East Peak. If you haven’t tried them yet, head over to East Peak and taste one (or all!) of the six flavors: Buffalo, Sweet Chili, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Habanero or Teriyaki. Available boneless or bone-in wings.

E3 – Just in case your appetite is a little bigger that the Epic Burger, we’re proud to introduce the E3 Burger. Three ¼ lb patties of certified Angus beef topped with the usual goodies. Protein packed and designed to keep you moving.

Booyah’s Burger Battle – And… Just in case your appetite is a little bigger that the E3 Burger, then you need to challenge yourself to the Booyah’s Burger Battle. Seven 1/3 pound patties stacked on a bun with cheese and all the works; chase it all down with two pounds of fries. You have 30 minutes to tackle this six pound beast of a lunch or else you lose and will have to face humiliation for life. If you are victorious, then lunch is on us and you can celebrate your #win by showing off your free Booyah’s shirt on the slopes!

Fresh Pick – Tamarack Lodge and California Lodge have partnered with to provide dietitian-approved choices for you and your health-minded group. Try out our Citrus Grilled Chicken or enjoy the mountain of options at our salad bar. Items are under 500 calories with less than 25 grams of fat. Check out either of the lodges for full selection.

Kids Live Well – Eating healthy with your family while on vacation doesn’t need to feel impossible. That’s why this season, we are rolling out the Kids LiveWell program; a Nationally recognized program offering healthful menu selections when dining out. The Kids LiveWell choices emphasize lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy, as well as meet stringent nutritional criteria.*

Chocolate Covered Everything – Homemade with love right here in the Heavenly kitchen, we have some sweet new treats to share with you. This season, chocolate-dipped-everything is all the rage. Marshmallow Treats, Banana Bread, Macadamia Nut Cookies, Brownies, Macaroons, Chocolate Chip Cookies Bars…all dipped in Chocolate. You can find these items at any of our dining locations. If you’re over at the California Lodge, stop by Higher Grounds coffee shop and see what the “Dip du Jour” is. When our lovely baristas are not whipping up espresso masterpieces, they are getting creative at the dipping station – Oreos, bacon, pretzels, marshmallows – you never know what they will be dipping up for you to try!

Fruit Smoothies –  If you need a boost, come revitalize yourself with a fruit smoothie at Sky Deck. This year, we’re offering three flavors which may vary based on the day. Please check Sky Deck availability, hours of operation vary.


I’m sure you’re hungry now. The good news is, whether you’re looking to stick to your New Year’s Resolution diet or you just want to splurge on the biggest burger on the mountain followed by a chocolate-covered cookie; we have options for you. And you thought the snow was the only good thing about Heavenly…

-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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