The After Effect: Concerts


Music has always been a big part of my life. When I think back to my childhood, I don’t so much remember watching Wren and Stimpy or Full House as much as I remember sitting in front of my radio listening to “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. I would turn up the volume at the end of the song when it started to fade out so that I could hear more of the song (this seemed perfectly logical during the time of cassette tapes and “rewinding”). My first concert was in 2nd grade: Billy Ray Cyrus. My best friend, Melissa Dean, and I made “Achy Breaky Heart” signs with glitter crayons and poster board. The woman next to us spilled her beer on my poster during Billy Ray’s opening song and I cried for the next forty-five minutes of the concert.

Now that I am all grown up, I just set my iPod to repeat songs and I only cry if someone really tall stands in front of me at a concert. Needless to say, I still really like music. Some of my favorite memories are concert experiences, especially since I have moved to Tahoe. There is something different about going to see a show in this town. It’s the venues and knowing that you’re going to run into all of your friends and have a stellar time. It’s the feeling that you just had an unbelievable day on the mountain and you get to end it listening to one of your favorite artists play your favorite songs. It’s hearing the lead singer talk about how breathtaking this place is and how blessed they feel to be playing on a stage in Lake Tahoe.

Each year, we get a legit line-up of bands; from country to hip hop, Grammy-winners to local favorites. We’ve seen the big guys: Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Rascal Flatts, Phish and some more obscure (but ever-so-amazing) bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Shins, Tegan & Sara and Beats Antique. It goes to show that our music scene is not something to be overlooked and if you like music as much as I do, then it’s just one more thing to look forward to during your trip to Tahoe. Find your next concert on our events page then pack up the car and prepare to listen to Achy Breaky Heart* on repeat; it’s going to be a great trip!

-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood

*For the record, I don’t still listen to this song.

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