South Lake Tahoe Nightclubs


When packing for your ski trip you don’t normally think to bring your sequined mini skirt or hair gel. But if you’re packing for a ski trip to Heavenly, you might want to throw those in your bag.

Heavenly promises to be the ski and party trip of a lifetime, and boy does it deliver.

First chair can be hard to make, but not if you never go to bed…

The casinos offer an experience unlike anything I could have ever imagined in a ski town. The casino floor is filled with everyone from your local bum proudly reppin’ his flannel shirt and beanie to a bachelorette party clad in barely-there dresses. It’s a beautiful mix that is only possible at Heavenly.

The night goes something like this:

You never thought you were a dancer until you stepped foot into one of the casino nightclubs. It’s this weird feeling that takes over, and suddenly all you want to do is dance. And dance, and dance… (they must put something in the air.)

You step out to try your luck at the craps table, grab another drink, then back to the dance floor.

Your buddy yells to you, “dude, it’s 4 am! We should crash soon.” And you’re like no way, it’s gotta be earlier than that. They haven’t even called last call yet. And then it hits you, there is no last call…

Your eyes get wide, you feel a sense of awe and empowerment. No last call? I could stay up all night and head straight to the slopes at 8:30 am. (Ya, that’s probably not going to work out quite like that, but you keep telling yourself that.)

After your vacation you’re not sure if you are sorer from skiing, or dancing.

See you on the dance floor,
Rachel Roberts

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