• Brendon

    Still charging $100/ticket for 18 trails? it will be my first time going to tahoe in a couple weeks and have always heard from fellow boarders/skiers that heavenly is the place to go. unfortunately that wont be the case if you are charging such a steep price for such crappy conditions. i understand mother nature is out of your hands but offering a discount or voucher for next season, etc, would be nice for people making that trip (especially since you are not necessarily close to where i am located). bumming hard :/

  • Jesse Plate

    Hey Brendon-
    We’re wrapping up the peak holiday period, which has ticket prices on the higher end of the season’s range. The best prices can be found at our website when you purchase at least three days in advance- we have a low price guarantee on tickets that are bought ahead of time.
    We’re making as much snow as we can and constantly grooming it to provide the best conditions possible. We hope that you make it to Heavenly while you’re in Tahoe and find it’s a high quality experience regardless of how the weather’s been.

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