Heavenly DJ cat


What’s big and loud with turntables, 15,000 watts of adrenaline-inducing power, 48 speakers and 4 heart-thumping Kicker subwoofers that roams the mountain igniting parties like a flame to gasoline? Since I know you’ll never guess what it is (because we literally just invented it); I’m going to tell you.

This beast I speak of is the Heavenly DJ cat. Imagine a grooming cat equipped with enough speakers to outfit a nightclub. Add a DJ, LED lights and a flat screen TV and you have this full-on state-of-the-art mobile DJ station. Partnering with Aaron Hagar (son of Sammy Hagar), the DJ cat pushes all of the limits on technology and engineering and is grooming the way for the most unique on-mountain party known to mankind.

Anybody who has ever come to Heavenly to party knows that we don’t half-ass things here; so needless to say, the DJ cat will be no exception. On any given weekend, you can find this bad boy at Tamarack Lodge, East Peak or Sky Meadows, cranking out the best beat-dropping mash-ups and remixes of all time. Tracking the location of DJ cat is as easy as checking your Twitter feed for pop-up party updates from Heavenly (@skiheavenly).

Intrigued? Excited? In disbelief? Come see it for yourself at our DJ cat unveiling party this Friday, December 27th at 1:00pm at the top of the Heavenly Gondola outside of Tamarack Lodge. It is bound to be history-in-the-making.

Music, lights, dancing and snow. Absolutely nothing sums up the Heavenly experience like this DJ cat and we just can’t wait to share it with you. See you at the party!

-Margo Stoney

Graphic Designer, Heavenly and Kirkwood



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