Epic Race: Ski the World. Ski for Life.


News of the Epic Race has quickly spread across the skiing and snowboarding world, spurring much plotting, aspiring and mapping routes. The Epic Race is a season-long competition to visit all 26 resorts spread across four countries that make up the Epic Pass. The reward: The first 10 participants to complete the adventure win a lifetime Epic Pass. The race officially begins Nov. 22, 2013.

To help Epic racers on their journey, we have compiled this Top 10 list of things needed to enter the race:

1. An Epic Pass (Click here to buy.)
2. A valid passport.
3. A Go Pro (or some other way to capture the three pieces of content required as proof of visitation).
4. A Facebook and YouTube account.
5. Lots of Facebook friends who can like the content and follow it at #EpicRace.
6. An English-to-French-to-German dictionary.
7. Someone to watch your dog for a month or two.
8. A super-understanding spouse/significant other/loved one.
9. A good boot bag (You can always rent skis but NEVER check your boots – this could be a race ender).
10. Lots and lots of wax.

Register now, registration closes November 17, 2013! I know we have a few South Lake Tahoe locals competing, be sure to wish them luck and follow their story with #EpicRace.



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