The Autumn Effect – Michael Weisgerber

Photo: Abe Blair

Photo: Abe Blair

I feel if you are a snow bum (which I consider myself to be), summer is the longest time of the year by far. You try and fill your time by hiking, fishing, camping, golfing, or anything you can think of to keep your mind off of how many days you have left till you feel that first snow flake fall on your face.

I love summer, don’t get me wrong, but you know you are meant for a life in the snow when you dream about making powder turns when you are laying on a beach. You view the summer landscape in a different way than most people; you look up at the mountains and envision your perfect run if only it was engulfed in snow at this very moment.

You start to remember the run that got away, the days where the snow is so deep that first chair to last chair is never long enough, and the cliff that you sized up all winter that became your unattainable unicorn. The obsession for your first powder turn keeps growing and growing.

Then the day comes, when you pray that the weather forecast was right, and you wake up to a few inches of snow (ideally in early August, but sometimes we have to be patient). That first day of significant snowfall is better than Christmas, your birthday, and every holiday rolled into one. Usually this day comes before any resort is open so the only logical option is to build the sketchiest jip setup in your driveway that consists of old furniture, two by fours that have rusty nails protruding out in every direction, and anything else you can find that goes against your instinct of “maybe this isn’t the safest option.”

As the days become shorter and the nights grow longer, you know “winter is coming” to quote the late great Ned Stark. Your obsession starts to become a reality as the trees and mountains become blanketed in millions of beautiful white crystals. It seems like an eternity as you ride the first chair lift of the season, and finally that feeling you have been searching for all summer washes over you.

Winter means freedom, absolute bliss, and a way to escape everything going on in your life if only for a second as you are engulfed in a powder turn that you dreamt about all summer.

– Michael Weisgerber, Ticket Sales

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