The Autumn Effect – Amber Smith

Photo: Justin Majeczky

Photo: Justin Majeczky

The Aspen trees are turning colors. They stand as illuminated patches of fire around the Tahoe basin. Summer flowers have gone to sleep and the lawn will soon be perfectly blanketed with snow, releasing me from needing to tend to weeds and overgrown grass. The soft white landscape is perfect all on its own which brings about a sense of rest, a sense of ease, a sense of comfort.

Oddly, life is easier and more predictable in the winter. With the summer concert series, farmers markets and various other fun summer activities safe in hibernation, we relax each evening as a family, cozy on the couch, wrapped in soft oversized blankets, sipping hot chocolate and watching The Wonder Years, our current family show.

In the early morning I am awakened by the soft clicking of the heater, signaling it’s just dropped below 50 degrees in the house and who knows how cold outside. Once the snow begins to fall even the outfits are predictable. Snow pants, snow jackets, snow boots, hats and gloves. Easy. On Saturdays while I work the girls are out roaming the mountain with their snowboard teams.

On Sundays we head out on the mountain as a family, taking a few runs, then stopping for hot chocolate, taking a few more runs, then stopping for lunch. Crock pot casseroles simmer during the day, filling the house with a delicious aroma that welcomes us when we come home from work and school. Darkness falls earlier, easing bedtime routines for the kids and allowing for a few hours of quiet for the adults.

Yes, I welcome winter. I welcome rest.

– Amber Smith, Mountain Operations

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