Winter 2013-14 Weather Forecast


It’s that time of year again, when the days are getting shorter the nights are getting colder and you can tell there is a change just around the corner. I’ve been tasked with trying to predict what sort of winter we are going to have here in the Tahoe Basin.

I’ve lived up here a long time and have seen all sorts of winters from record breaking snowfall to record breaking “no snow fall” so this is no easy task. Even the professionals can’t figure out. I’ve been doing some research, and although most weather projection sites say it is a little too early to tell, I have found a couple interesting things to share.

Have you noticed:
Woodpeckers sharing trees?
Pigs gathering sticks?
Heavy and numerous fogs during August?
Spiders spinning larger than usual webs and entering the house in great numbers?

Any of these can be signs we are going to have a heavy winter. (So I guess I shouldn’t be upset at the large number of spiders entering the house??)

On a more scientific note, weather forecasters are calling for a weak to moderate El Nino forming off the west coast to develop late fall or early winter. To me this means that the jet stream will be active and as long as it is heading our way we could have above average snowfall. has put out their prediction that the West Coast and the Tahoe Basin will have a “Very Snowy Winter,” while the Northwest will have a “Below Normal Snowfall.” So let’s keep our fingers crossed for at least a “normal” snowfall this year, but if it wants to dump all winter long, I welcome it with open arms.

~Amy McCormick



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