How to BBQ, Texas style

Everything is bigger in Texas, and there are a few things that reign king of the state…high school football, college football, tailgating and bar-b-que.

From a Texas native, these are the essentials for jazzing up your summer BBQ party.

1) A grill. Duh. And why you probably won’t be able to acquire one like this monster, a reasonably-sized charcoal or gas grill will suffice. In South Shore, you can find charcoal grills available for public use at Lakeview Commons.




2) Food variety. Beef rules the state of Texas, but in California, plan out the options for your vegetarian, pescetarian and gluten-free friends. With the abundant array of local veggies at the Tahoe farmer’s markets, you can stock up on a variety to fill the plates and tummies. Overland Meat and Seafood Co. in South Lake Tahoe has some great options for grillables.


3) Cold beverages. These aren’t just limited to the adult beverages. Aside from a cold beer, nothing washes down a hot-off-the-grille piece of meat like sweet tea or lemonade. No matter what your poison of choice, be sure to either drink it out of a red Solo cup or wrap a koozie ‘round it.


Solo cup koozie


4) Games. The competitive spirit in each person will come out when you break out the cornhole/bags/washers. For a few others, check out the casual pentathlon guide Kelly put together a few weeks back.


ladder golf
5) Good music. Texas country music is must-have; however, outside of the Lone Star State, it tends to lose momentum. In this case, I recommend some reggae, bluegrass or whatever both blends into the background and causes people to unconsciously sway their hips while sipping, chatting or eating. (Please be considerate of other groups around you. No one wants to not be able to carry on a conversation with the person two feet from them because your dub-step is blaring.)


live at lakeview

6) Good friends. ‘Nough said.




What are your essentials for summer BBQs?

~ Sally Gunter



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